Track revenue, costs and gross margin in real time to keep your finger on the pulse of your business on a daily basis. Build your own reports to keep track of your key recruitment metrics. You can report on any data held within Karmly.

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Track your revenue and profit in real time as timesheets are entered and approved.

Go Deep

Get in-depth analysis by creating your own report parameters and filters to see the exact detail you need.

Real Time

Saved reports are up-to-date with live figures every time you login.

Revenue Reporting & Projections

Report on Revenue – Before It Comes In

Karmly gives you revenue, cost and profit data in real time based on every timesheet submitted and approved. Your accounting software can give you the numbers for the previous month, but Karmly gives you a detailed breakdown of where you stand on a daily basis, even before you invoice your clients.

Forecast Performance

Our forecast tool shows you projected revenue based on contract dates and work patterns from each contractor over the previous six weeks. Broken down by client, you can quickly see where revenue is due to drop off and you need to make more sales.

Forcast Reporting
Advanced Insights

Advanced Business Intelligence

Karmly gives you deep insights into the performance of your business with all the tools you need to report on timesheets, invoices, revenue and margin. Take that to the next level and slice and dice your Karmly data with other cloud-based business apps using our PowerBI integration.

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