Focus your operations team on tasks that need attention. The Karmly dashboard is the central nervous system of your business and gives you a high level overview of how your business is performing.

Dashboard | Karmly

At a Glance

See your key metrics, notifications, tasks and favourite reports on one screen.

Take Action

Quickly see what needs to be done next to stay on top of payroll and billing.

Monitor Performance

Check your revenue by client and a summary of this month’s key numbers.

Dashboard Information for Time & Billing

Keep On Top Of Everything

See how many timesheets and approval requests you’re waiting on so you can chase them up and invoice sooner. Real time payroll and billing balances help you manage your cash flow. Click on any square to take action.

Know Your Numbers

See a summary of your gross margin and other key metrics for each month and ensure that you’re up to date with payroll and invoicing. Monitor your revenue per client over time.

Placement Monthly Summary
Dashboard Notifications

Don’t Miss A Thing

Keep track of what’s going on in your account. Notifications include new clients, placements and users and any employee detail changes or onboarding responses requiring approval.

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