Get your contractors to enter information or complete a set of tasks when they start a new placement. Automate compliance and induction tasks and employee document management.

Onboarding | Karmly

Customise by Client

Create standard onboarding flows, or customised templates for specific clients or placements.

Save Time

Let your contractors do the admin by entering their own personal, tax and banking details.

Tick the Boxes

Manage all compliance tasks online so contractors can turn up on day one ready to work.

Custom Onboarding Steps

Easy Template Builder

Create onboarding templates containing a range of forms, documents or videos. Automate new user induction and ensure all contracts, health & safety requirements and employment documents are completed before the contract starts. Choose which steps are required and must be completed before the contractor can submit timesheets or get paid.

Contractor Self Service

Getting contractors to enter their own bank account numbers, tax codes and other personal details reduces your admin while maintaining oversight of this key process. Contractors can complete onboarding from the Karmly Mobile app.

Onboarding Form
Built in e-signing for Onboarding

Employee Documents

Document management is easy – get contractors to e-sign documents during onboarding. Documents and files submitted during onboarding are saved on the contractor’s record and you can upload other docs at any time.

Full Visibility

You’ll receive an in-app notification every time a contractor completes the onboarding process. All onboarding submissions require admin approval so you can double check everything is in order before the contractor first gets paid.

Notifications on Completion of Onboarding

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